Escaping from routine

We are a couple from Costa Rica and we enjoy traveling the world, this is a blog to capture some of our adventures and share photos. We are very active on Instagram, particularly because we love to take photos and capture videos of funny stuff we find our way.

Devotion of Balinese Hinduism

We planned a tour for some of the Ubud temples to get to know a little bit of the Balinese culture, they are a very religious and devoted region, above 93% of the population in Ubud practice Balinese Hinduism, and it had a strong impression on us the amount of...

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Arriving to Ubud, Bali

Bali was a must see place in this trip, we wanted to visit at least 2 areas in this island. We started with Ubud, we read so much about this place and we had very high expectations.  The very first impression was the airport, which is very beautiful full of colors and...

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Last impressions from Singapore

In Singapore one of the most interesting areas we visited to wander by foot was Chinatown, is old but every corner is full of colors, smells and stores that wonders you. In this area we visited the "temple of 100 buddhas" which was outstanding, full of many handmade...

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Gardens by the Bay

Singapore is a very clean city, futuristic yet is full of nature, that's why the locals refer to it as the Garden City, every building and public space integrates trees and plants on their designs. One of the most impressive attractions for us was Gardens by the Bay,...

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A new journey: Southeast Asia

We started this blog to capture photos, share things we find, travel tips and specially to remember the small things that we have enjoyed. During September-October 2017 we are traveling through Southeast Asia, in specific Singapore, Indonesia (Bali), Cambodia and...

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F1 Night Race Singapore

The first stop of our trip, after 30 hours of travel was Singapore. We arrived on a Sunday, the exact same day as the Singapore F1 Grand Prix which is one of the prime sport events in the country, which is famous because is one of the few street race events on Formula...

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